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Incorporating Genee advanced technologies; the newest budget addition to the Genee Visualiser range offers the ultimate portable solution.

The visualiser is easy to carry with a weight of just 0.9 kg and still packs powerful features such as a 5 million pixel resolution camera, LED light and advanced Genee Vision software.

Interactive Whiteboards

The Genee Powerboard recognises pen or finger movement to accurately track users anywhere on the screen. It has a durable surface that cleans up easily and is coated to provide minimal glare.

Audience Response Systems

Genee Pad is our top of the range learner response system. The wireless handsets allow each and every student or participant in any teaching, training, or briefing situation to have the answers instantly recorded and the results analysed.

Interactive Touch Screens

G Touch 55" is the robust alternative to a whiteboard. The G Touch has all the features and working area of a whiteboard, but without the projector glare and running costs, lighting reflection or blinds being closed.
Interactive, Fun and Wireless Presentations, gone are the days when presentations are limited to poster boards or chalk board in the conference room / training room.

Our projectors have been selected by teachers for teachers and reflect their needs. Bring your classes to life using a 3D projector or show videos and pictures in amazingly rich and vibrant colors.

Our Educational softwares are designed to engage everyone in your audience. They work to enhance presentations by personally involving everyone in the audience, track performance and get instant data in lectures with instantly scored evaluations.
The Genee's prominent Vision Visualiser range is gaining immense popularity and demand in both educational and corporate sector as more and more schools, colleges, universities, training organizations.

About us

Market Leading ICT Solutions Provider
Interactive Education is a company set-up originally by Teachers for Teachers. We are now one of the UK's market leading ICT Solutions Providers. We work with world class partners to create and sell the best ICT training and learning products such as visualisers, interactive whiteboards, response systems, Building Schools for the Future desks and digital signage systems.

Our Track Record
Our track record of launching some of the most technically advanced and easy to use ICT products has seen us become a key partner to local authorities, schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK and internationally. Our extensive product range has actively assisted learning in the classroom, training room, lecture theatre or personalised learning environment across all sectors of the Education, Training and Audio Visual markets. Our products also provide anyone who has a presentation to make with the highest specification equipment to ensure a professional and lasting impression


A visualisers is a Digital ICT presentation and teaching resource that directly connects to a PC, projector or LCD screen. It is the most flexible presentation tool in recent times. It can pick-up any kind of material whether it be photographs, books or 3D objects quickly and provides a high resolution output signal. You can now share work with the whole class, split and zoom, negative to positive, capture live demonstrations and take pictures and videos to share on your virtual learning environment (VLE). We have a visualiser for every budget or a visualiser solution for every situation. Rest assured, we have visualisers to suit everyone. From light weight mobile visualisers for presentations on-the-go to desktop visualisers that come with impressive features.


Interactive whiteboards work as a virtual aid for educators to directly present information to their audience. They offer users the same features as a conventional whiteboard such as directly writing on the board, highlighting elements on the screen, marking items or erasing errors but with the additional ability to save or print out the results without any extra effort.

Interactive whiteboards give teachers the option to readily navigate through Windows, access information, retain learner attention and encourage interactivity in the classroom or lecture theatre. They are available in various sizes also making them the ultimate portable solution.

Audience Response Systems

Also known as a interactive voting system, audience response system, student response system or interactive learning response system. It is a system through which group participation is promoted during classroom teaching, debate, quiz or any other discussion. This system consists of one main teacher handset, and a set of student handsets (either 12, 24 or 32, dependent of set purchased), one handset receiver (which uses superior radio frequency technology) and response system software.

In an interactive classroom environment, the teacher carries the main handset and each student has a personal compact wireless handset. The teacher asks a question from the class and then the class replies back through their personal handsets. The response software catches the students' response through the receiver and then generates a report in the form of table, graph, pie chart etc.

Touch Screens

Genee Touch is the robust alternative to a whiteboard. The Genee Touch has all the features and working area of a whiteboard, but without the projector glare and running costs, lighting reflection or blinds being closed

Using the Genee Touch LED integrated interactive screen is simple and accurate to use by both teacher and student, so giving staff confidence to be at the front of the room showing off their work to colleagues. This precision interface is due to the advanced integrated "no space" construction between the screen surface and the sensing responder.

It's so tough too. Users have used all kinds of objects to control the screen, and it's very reassuring to know that it is virtually indestructible. Gone are the days of having to clean the projector filters, and replacing expensive failed lamps, downtime in the boardroom, classroom or classroom is a thing of the past.