winter is definitely coming…

winter is definitely coming…

Tips on keeping healthy this winter

Jack: ACHOOOO!!!!!”

Jill: “do you have a cold?”

Jack: i think so … my 5 year old has been flued up for days … I think she caught it from one of her classmates…”


How often have we heard this, or something similar? Okay, we understand not everyone has a sneezing 5 year old, sitting at home falling in love with the smell of vapour-rub, but we all know a child at school is prone to colds and flu more so than us adults in the working world.

With winter almost upon us, we can expect more and more students (and also teachers) falling ill as the days get colder and colder.

We speak to many Premises Managers, ICT Technicians, Head Teachers, Network Managers and office staff at schools to know that the school boiler is everyone’s best friend in the run up to Christmas. So let’s remain warm and healthy over the festive period.

Interactive Education have some tips to see us through to the New Year!

Tip 1: Check the school boiler is all A-OK! Nobody wants to sit in a classroom to wonder if it could be warmer outside in the snow than sitting inside discussing Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’.

Tip 2: This may sound more obvious than telling Superman his Kryptonite necklace is a bad idea, but still it needs to be said…. remember to keep warm! Wrapping up warm, wearing scarves, jumpers and coats will go a long way. Keep the heat in, and the cold out.

Tip 3: Cover any sneezes or coughs with a tissue to reduce the spread and minimise it getting airborne, and remember to dispose the tissue properly so nobody else gets to pick it up.

Tip 4: Wash hands regularly and use hand sanitisers, where possible. Keyboards and touch screens are a common place to spread germs in a classroom, so remember to clean your hands before and after the use of a shared device.

Tip 5: build your immune system by eating healthy, sleeping plenty, being active, and drinking fluids. Remember mental stress and strain can also be a factor so try to remain level headed and happy. Remember, we do have classroom technology available to help with lesson preparation and reduce downtime in lessons.

If you do find students are at home tackling their colds and flues, remember the BYOD software allows them to log-in to classroom sessions and continue the learning from home. After all, why miss vital class work? The canvas sharing software is included with all G-Touch LED screens. Ask us for more details.

So, with winter almost here and Christmas around the corner, let’s keep warm and be healthy so we can all play with our Christmas toys before the school rush starts again in 2016!