• I work as an IT manager for an academy trust and look after 4 Primary Schools. When the trust decided to move away from the old interactive whiteboard and projector setup I looked into many different companies providing interactive touchscreens. From the first contact with our account manager I got a relaxed relationship with someone who was very knowledgeable about the product and with no hard sell pressure. After looking at what other competitors had available we decided to go with Interactive Education as they were the most competitively priced and had the whole package for one price with no added extra costs for software, installation and training. We are very pleased with the quality and reliability of the G-Touch screens and Spark software and would recommend them to other schools. I have been working with Interactive Education for about 3 years now and can honestly say that dealing with them has been a refreshing change. The outstanding service from all the staff is very professional and has that personal touch.
    Teemir Patel
    Teemir PatelCorpus Christi Catholic Academy Trust
  • I started working for Queen Victoria Primary School of 600-700 pupils a couple of years ago and noticed some classrooms have inactive whiteboards (x20). Some mornings I would be getting calls about boards not working and projectors not coming on etc. One of the things some teachers were asking me is ‘why do the smart boards keep losing their settings?’ ‘Why can we not write on the board?’ and when they write ‘why does it show on the other side of the board?’ I would be showing teachers how to calibrate (some know already), and we would be all happy and smiles until the next time. I said to myself enough is enough! Knowing how technology has changed I started my research into the new Touch Screen and had a word with my line manager. One day I was sifting through some old invoices and noticed some equipment purchased from Interactive Education, so I went on the internet to see where they are based and what they offered and found they are a local company based in Wolverhampton. Knowing the area quite well, I decided to pay them a visit. When I arrived at the premises and enquired about seeing someone about their G-Touch Screens, I was greeted with a warm and friendly set of business people and escorted to a training room where I saw a great big 80in screen (I said to myself whoooo couldn’t get any bigger), a smaller version and a Touch Table that can be rotated. To cut a-long story short I got talking to the Account Manager and a Trainer and explained about the school’s circumstances and that our lease was coming to an end and the direction the school was heading/looking for. The trainer said that he used to provide equipment to the school many years ago and he remembered the previous Head Teacher! Well, that changed everything from there on and our conversation took a different direction - in a good way. The trainer showed me what the free software can do (Spark) and the different hardware that can be connected and used (laptop, Ipads etc). I was very impressed. So, I suggested that I will get a date set for them to come to the school and demonstrate to the teachers and have a word with our school Business Manager, and see what finance deal can be offered. To cut a-long story short again a deal was made, a site survey of the classrooms was conducted and within 4 days (during the holiday) our touch screens were installed and ready to use. The work men (only 2 of them) would communicate back to me if they had a query and to verify the right location of each screen. The teachers are now happy and they have had training (basic) with more planned to meet their needs, and for me if there is a problem they are just the other side of town. Job satisfaction! I am very pleased and satisfied and so is the Head Teacher!
    David McCurdy
    David McCurdyQueen Victoria Primary School
  • IE made the process of choosing, buying, installing and using our G-Touch screens a very painless experience. Our school bought eight G-Touch screens and we wanted to make sure they were exactly right for us. They were very quick in response to our requirements and we received a demonstration and a loan screen within a week of our initial call.The demonstration was relaxed and felt more as an informative exercise than sales pitch. IE provided us with a demo screen for a week with no fuss and also provided another board later on to help with our decision process. Ordering was painless and straight forward and IE did their best to arrange installation on a date that was convenient for us. Installation took 3 days as promised, was very neat and there was little intrusion to the day to day running of the school. We have had one training session so far and we all felt it was very impressive and we are looking forward to the next. The G-Touch screens have replaced the IWB's we had before but until now we never felt we had true interactivity of this level.
    Brendan Smart
    Brendan SmartCastle Bromwich Junior School
  • We (Old hall Special School) needed to have a smart board replaced with an Interactive touch screen in our EY department and had a couple of demos and quotes from various suppliers including interactive Education. We found Interactive Education to be most prompt and helpful regarding their products & our needs. We were not disappointed with our choice of company and the installation went ahead smoothly and professionally (even though vie had to cancel and delay the installation for some months!!!) Screen quality has been great and where there had been a slight problem with a software package, the Interactive Education team worked tirelessly to solve the problem, which ended with a very satisfactory result. Vie were so pleased with the end result that we decided, as part of our ICT development plan, to have more interactive touch screens fitted in school and we asked Interactive Education to supply and install. We would recommend Interactive Education. We would also like to thank Dina Patel, Hap Baines & their team for their support & communication with us throughout.
    Sharon Barrett
    Sharon BarrettOld Hall Special School
  • Spoke to the staff using the new screens and the general consensus was "They are fantastic! Easy to use and makes the learning much more fun and Interactive for the children."
    Philip Wimblett
    Philip WimblettSt Michael RC Primary School
  • Thanks for these prices I will get back to you with an answer ASAP. It was great to meet you finally in person yesterday!, Interactive Education really get what schools It need. Please can you also pass my thanks onto Bal"
    Darren Forth
    Darren ForthSt John's CE Primary School