Sunbury Manor School- Visualisers


What is the project?

The project was to integrate the visualiser in a variety of ways into lessons for pupils from year 7 to 11. The aim was to raise pupil achievement.

Actions taken

Year 7 – different pieces of equipment were put on the visualiser and they had cards on their tables which had the names of different equipment and uses, which they had to discuss and match up.

Year 8 – pupils made models on the rock cycle which we were able to project onto the board using the visualiser as the group explained what they were showing.

Evidence of success

The evidence that I have seen for success is how using it has improved grades as set above, but also improved confidence in the pupils when they are presenting in front of the class.


Examples of pupils’ work on graphs was put on the visualiser and pupils were able to look at it, say what was good and what could be improved. They could compare 2 graphs and say which was better and why.

The future

In the future I would like to keep the visualiser out during all lessons when I feel confident that it will not be damaged by some of the older classes. I also need to develop my confidence in recording and storing images.

Debby Johnson

Science Department