St John’s Church of England Primary School – G-Touch LED Interactive Touchscreen

What is the project?

St John’s Primary School in Birmingham were in the market for a solution to replace their older Interactive Whiteboard and Projector set up. The school came to us to help them with the ideal solution. We have always delivered high level of service and provided the ideal solution over the years to St John’s Primary, and we wanted to ensure they receive the best help.

“Having previously purchased equipment from Interactive Education they were our first port of call when looking for an interactive screen” (Darren Forth, Business Manager, St John’s Primary School).

Key objectives/outcomes

One of the highly experienced consultants from Genee World Manufacturer presented the G-Touch LED screen whilst on site and demonstrated the benefits of the screen and software and linked the technology to the school’s existing Genee Vision visualisers as part of a complete ICT solution for a classroom environment.

Actions taken

Once it was established how quickly the school would need installation, our highly experienced installation team fully fitted the G-Touch LED screen after removing the existing Interactive Whiteboard and projector.

After installation was complete, we met with the school again to ensure the staff are using the screen in the best way possible. Training was conducted with many staff members present, and many positive comments were made on how easy the software is to use.

The Future

G-Touch LED screens have subject specific software tools, such as; Protractor, Compass, and a variety of Interactive resources (i.e. animation). Darren commented on this saying it was “very useful” and finds the screen can be used in any subject areas as “all subjects benefit”.

When comparing with existing Whiteboards in the school, Darren said the G-Touch software is “very easy” and “It’s logical and responsive to the touch; a vast improvement on our old whiteboards.”