Shireland City Learning Centre – Visualisers


What is the project?

The CLC purchased 4 Genee Vision 6100 visualisers which were placed in four primary schools with an overall brief of assessing the impact the technology was making in enhancing teaching and learning. Regular meetings were held to discuss progress and to feedback ideas for further and extended use. Technical support was provided by the CLC and teaching support was provided by Interactive Education.

Key objectives/outcomes In each school a year group or teacher was chosen to champion the technology and assess the impact it had as an ICT tool on learning and teaching. As with any item of ICT equipment it was important to provide initial training and ongoing technical support to equip staff with operational skills and confidence to use the equipment successfully.

Actions taken

Training and other operational support was provided by John Sutton from Interactive Education.

Key outcomes of using the visualise in a classroom:

  • Children were excited and motivated to learn as it was interesting for them to see.
  • Allowed for opportunities to see things in great detail which wouldn’t normally be seen.
  • Students were excited by the visualiser and were keen to use it to explore more.
  • Children explored samples/objects fully and developed language skills.
  • The allowed the teacher to celebrate the children’s work and to show ‘good’ examples.
  • Enabled both the teacher and other children to show children how to improve their work.

The Future

In each school the visualiser was used for a different purpose ranging from assessment for learning activities, observing teeth, observing tadpoles and observing minibeasts Evidence of success.