Genee Vision Air – Visualiser

Genee Vision Air – Visualiser

The Genee Vision Air is a ceiling mounted visualiser, which does not occupy the presenter's desktop, so your desk can be kept clear for your presentation material. The visualiser can pick up any kind of material, such as photographs, books, or 3D objects and effortlessly present them to your audience via an interactive whiteboard, interactive touch screen or LED display.
  • Wide field-of-view captures large documents
  • Up to 300x zoom provides excellent detail
  • Works with monitors, plasma screens, video projectors and video conferencing systems
  • High-quality CCD image sensor delivers 480 TV lines of full-motion video for superb image clarity and colour
  • Outputs composite and S-Video concurrently for multi-monitor display in large rooms
  • Single Cat.5 cable carries video control and power signals
  • Laser positioning guide makes document placement simple
  • Six preset zoom settings makes it easy to adjust for different document sizes
  • RS-232 port with VISCA™ control protocol cables easy connections to a control system

Genee Vision Visualisers are used in education, training, conferences, video conferencing and product presentations. Here are a few applications of a visualiser

  • Show a science experiment demonstration
  • Annotate over images and text, and enlarge small text
  • Have pupils demonstrate methods used in their work
  • Display paintings, artefacts or photographs are too delicate to pass around the classroom
  • Praise work immediately by presenting it on the Visualiser and annotating their achievements

Public Sector

  • The Visualiser can be used in telemedicine, or in training to show an x-ray to large or small groups
  • The police, fire department and network rail can all perform compelling workshops by showing equipment and props
  • Do away with time handing out media and prepping, which allows you to perform more workshops, training sessions and support programs


  • Reduce preparation times for meeting by not having to photocopy.
  • Clearly demonstrate your products smallest details to all of your co-workers or employees all at the same time using the powerful zoom feature.
  • Demonstrate your products killer applications and benefits on a large display at exhibits and shows.
  • Keep your latest high-tech gadget or precious jewellery safe behind the counter while displaying the aesthetic value or functionality


The possibilities are endless. It’s often said that people learn better interactively. Audiences prefer to be involved rather than be just watching endless static presentations. The ability to see, understand and question are key attributes in the learning process.

Seamless Integration
A Genee Vision Visualisers seamlessly integrates with your projector, interactive whiteboard, interactive touch screen and video conferencing system. Your presentations become much more flexible and dynamic, because anything can be displayed at any time, with no fixed order and without the need for lengthy preparation in advance.

Attention Grabbing
Due to the live factor, objects presented under the Visualiser capture far more attention than that of flat objects presented by presentation software such as PowerPoint. The Presenter can personalise the presentation by annotating over the live Visualiser feed, zooming in and out to view every detail, moving the Visualiser camera around to show different angles or by adding more objects for comparison. With all these possibilities and many more, the Genee Vision Visualiser has to be one of the most flexible presentation tools available.

Camera Sensor Super HAD CCD
Pixels 480 Lines
Total Zoom 300x
Optical Zoom 25x
Digital Zoom 12x
Features Auto Focus, White Balance


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The Genee Vision Air with its superior optical lens and 300X optical zoom means viewing the shape and colour of objects remains clear without distortion even at maximum magnification. A wide field-of-view, laser positioning guide and six zoom settings make it easy-to-use with different document sizes – from large documents such as blueprints or CAD drawings to an area the size of a postage stamp.

Simple Installation
The Genee Air is easy to install with a single Cat5 cable carrying the video controls and power, using the latest PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. Saving both time and installation costs. Both composite and S-Video connections allow for dual-monitor displays in large rooms.