OPS Unit (i5)

OPS Unit (i5)
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You can simply plug in the OPS unit and realise all the benefits of working in a PC environment. OPS (open pluggable specification) enables users to upgrade their existing touchscreens to their ndividual requirements, while helping to future-proof technology investments. OPS units are also interchangable with other devices. With an OPS system, instead of needing to extend video signals from players to far-off screens either with long cables or expensive video extenders, the screen and player can be connected directly to the LAN in a drastically simplified network topology.

Key features and benefits

User friendly – enabling easier installation, use and maintenance of touch screens when used in the classroom, board room or even as a digital sign in the commercial world
Intelligent enhancement – with the OPS unit, a screen can operate more effectively in connecting and working with various other programmes and other devices as a PC would.
Multiple processor options – the OPS unit comes with either an Intel i3, i5 or even an i7 processor.
2 in 1 – with the OPS unit, screens can operate as a 2 in 1 device with all the features of a high quality touch screen and a strong performing PC.

Processor i5 CPU
Disk Drive 500GB, 5200 RPM SATA
Video Out VGA, HDMI
Audio Input Mini Jack Line in 3/4″ Jack
Audio Output Mini jack stereo line out 3/4” Jack
USB 4x
LAN Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
Wireless WiFi (802.11/b/g/n)
RS232 Yes
Operating System Optional

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