Lightbox Accessory for GV3100HD – Visualiser

Lightbox Accessory for GV3100HD – Visualiser

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The Lightbox Accessory for the Genee Vision 3100HD to enhance your visualiser. The Genee Vision 3100 visualiser allows you to effortlessly enlarge source materials, pictures and 3D objects and present them to your audience on a high definition display. The Genee Vision 3100 visualiser is powerful, robust and full of useful features that will revolutionise and enhance your presentation including:  


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Flexible and powerful
The Genee Vision 3100HD is a gooseneck visualiser with a camera head that can rotate for easy adjustment, allowing you to capture images from all directions. The powerful 8X optical zoom allows you to see detail often not visible to the human eye. Combined with the flexible neck that allows the audience to see even the smallest detail from any angle.

Offering crystal clear high-definition, the Genee Vision 3100HD gives you superior clarity and colour output directly to your projector and interactive touchscreen through HDMI or via your computer by USB.