Enhancing Primary Level Engagement

Our technology encourages students to think outside the box, by applying proven learning approaches such as gamification, peer-led learning and multi-level engagement our technology can enhance the way your students learn and interact…

Engaging technology that works intuitively alongside education gives students the freedom to learn in a format that reflects the world around them and gives teachers the ability to facilitate self-paced natural learning.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology gives students the ability to take learning beyond the classroom. Growing up in today’s world students are familiar with smart phone and tablet technology from an early age, and the concept of a portable on-demand workspace has enhanced the way students work, play and also learn…

Our software and tablets are designed to meet the needs of today’s BYOD generation by providing a safe, structured and controlled workspace that ensures teachers can encourage and embrace BYOD usage in their classrooms.




Students learn best when they can learn at their own pace in a format that is familiar to them. Gamification takes traditional gaming concepts such as level based improvement, point scoring and competition and applies them to educational teaching tools…

Gamification is designed to maximise enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning whilst providing teachers with formative and summative assessment and feedback that reflects each students personalised learning approach.

Perfect for Primary…




Our range of touchscreens are designed to connect the whole classroom. With a built-in PC, multi-touch technology and a 12-month subscription to our range of collaboration, assessment and sharing software our touchscreens are the ultimate teaching tool.

Our touchscreens are anti-glare, anti-reflective and up to 4k in definition helping you to interact directly with on-screen content. Our G-Touch range comes in a range of sizes designed to fit any classroom, and when used with our cloud sharing technology can connect instantly with tablets, visualisers and response systems.







Tablet technology is revolutionising the way BYOD (bring your own device) technology is being used in classrooms. Our tablets come in a range of options to suit any classroom and can be paired with our smart software to give teachers the power to facilitate learning in a safe and structured virtual environment.







Our smart curriculum-ready software provides teachers with an extensive toolbox of key stage-specific animations and learning tools to enhance lessons and further student engagement. By applying practices such as gamification and peer-led learning our software allows students to learn at a personalised pace in a familiar virtual learning environment, whilst also giving teachers the power to assess instantly using our classroom response system software.








A visualiser is a powerful document camera which when connected to a screen enables you to display and annotate 3D objects and documents in full HD with useful tools such as freeze frame, split-screen and colour options.

The ability to display and annotate documents and artefacts in front of the whole class provides teachers with endless versatility and makes our visualiser range the ultimate peer-led learning tool.