Olney Infant School – Visualisers


What is the project?

Evaluating the use of visualisers in the classroom to enhance learning.

Key objectives/outcomes

To improve writing standards particularly at the higher end of Year 2 using the editing and split screen function.

Actions taken

We used the visualiser in all lessons to show and share examples of children’s work. During Literacy lessons the teacher was able to set challenging targets for the high achieving children using a show, share and revisit method.

Evidence of success

National testing (SATs) 2010 results show a higher number of Level 3

children in writing. “The children loved being able to see their work and as no one knew who would be sharing, everyone settled down to work quickly and tried hard to include the features required in their work.”


Writing quality has improved at the higher end of Year 2.

The Future

Hoping to expand the project into other classes in Year 2 to look at the middle and lower ability. We would also like to expand to other year groups. Good quality is vital in a visualiser or the writing cannot be seen. With 9 classes in the school funding is an issue.