Highwood Primary School – Class Comm Software


What is the project?

To use a software system that covers a wide range of subject areas, which includes many educational activities as part of an oral assessment.

Key objectives/outcomes:

  • Ease of use teaching resources for oral assessments.
  • Teach small classroom sessions easily when using pre created PowerPoint slides.
  • Adapt pre existing resources when creating lesson based questions.

Actions taken

I have used the system over a wide range of areas within numeracy, from mental maths questions and activities in the oral and mental starter to small group teaching sessions on the carpet while the rest of the class are working on their tasks. The voting system was used for visual prompts and challenges when recapping history and geography sessions as well as thinking about science experiments from previous sessions.

Evidence of success

The scope for the system is immense. Once the system is installed and you have had the initial training it can feel quite daunting to use but if you start with some of the pre-created tasks it is an easy way in. The tricky part as I stated was setting up the questions interaction not the actual slides. The more you do the quicker and easier it becomes, and when you have created a few activities it is a quick job to amend the questions and answers for next time, keeping the interactive element the same.

Highwood Primary School