Highfield Infants School – Visualiser Project


What is the project?

Highfield Infants School was looking at ways to improve overall lesson experience and to advance attainment of their pupils. The Genee Vision Visualiser helped them achieve their goals and make lessons fun for the pupils at the same time.

Key objectives/outcomes

The Genee Vision visualiser has been imperative for teaching as a whole and invaluable for all lessons in our school. The children are now familiar with the white board and have no problem using it themselves. The children were immediately interested in the visualiser and its many uses.

  • To provide a visual focus for young learners to support concentration and focus.
  • To enable our young learners to see objects in detail using the magnification button and link this to language development to encourage the children to explain what they can see.
  • To support the development of mark making through modelling and discussion around examples of children’s learning.

Actions taken

The Genee Vision visualiser provided a visual focus for the children and supported their learning from the offset and throughout the lesson. The children were very enthusiastic and motivated to get involved in a mark making project where they could place a mark on a moving object. After seeing live demonstrations and the progress of their peers on the visualiser it really encouraged their learning.

The Future

  • Share learning with other teachers so that the visualiser can be used in other classrooms. We have bought another visualiser that is at present in the hall to make assemblies more visual.
  • Placing it in a assembly hall will also allow children and staff to see it used regularly.
  • Continue with present activities.
  • • Begin to use more of the tools on the visualiser to enhance learning and encourage communication.