Guiseley Secondary School – Visualisers


What is the project?

The project was based around using the visualiser to examine close up what happens when you drop Mentos mints into a bottle of Diet Coke.

Key objectives/outcomes

Link science and technology TEM agenda requirements – Pupils studied the reaction in science then designed their own trigger system for delivering the mints. Using new technology like the visualiser to study the reaction. Use PLT – Draw conclusions from the visualiser observations and suggest a way to improve the design system.

Actions taken

We constructed a special shower resistant jacket for the visualiser and cut a collar in acrylic to the exact size of the lens shoulder using the laser cutter.

Evidence of success

The visualiser allowed us to study the experiment up close and the remote control allowed us to position the video camera to see the detail quite easily without having to constantly return to the lens.


The pupils had to work together in order to coordinate the use of the visualiser and trigger the reaction which meant team work was involved and finally they were able to see the reaction up close and plan how to improve the performance next time.

Andrew Mangham

Lead Practitioner