Fellgate Primary School – Visualisers


What is the project?

To use the visualiser to enhance ICT in lessons in a Year 6 primary school in Jarrow, South Tyneside.

Key objectives/outcomes

• To use new technologies during Year 6 lessons.
• To showcase children’s work to encourage peer tutoring.
• To roll out this technology across other parts of the school.

Actions taken

On receipt of the visualiser, I received some user training in order to get the best out of the equipment.

It has been a useful piece of equipment across all areas of learning, particularly during starter and plenary sessions. The children have been enthused about its use and it was commented on for effective use during the school’s Ofsted inspection.

The equipment has been important in introducing texts, with art work and images (maps, flags, rivers etc), by displaying parts of a text and also through highlighting and improving children’s work.

Evidence of success

Our objectives were met as the visualiser is one way of expressing children’s work to the rest of the group and can be useful in a range of different lessons. It can be used to showcase good work and also help to improve a child’s work too. It had a positive effect on the children and many wanted their work to be displayed and discussed through use of the visualiser.

“A useful and easy to use resource which showcases children’s learning and assists a teacher and the rest of the group to improve children’s work.” Mark Roberts, Year 6 Teacher. “I saw the benefits of this technology so much that I used my class budget to buy one.” Sean McMullen, Deputy Head.


Many of the children have become proficient in using the visualiser. It has become a key and positive part of learning in Year 6 as there have been occasions where the children have requested that they show their work to the rest of the group through use of the visualiser.

The children have become really supportive of each other during review sessions when their work is on the visualiser.

The future

The Year 4/5 teacher has purchased a visualiser for his class on the back of the use of this technology in Year 6. The year 6 children who used this equipment, and who depart for secondary school in September, will take increased confidence in using new technologies such as a visualiser with them to their new settings.

Mark Roberts

Year 6 Teacher