East Linton Primary – Visualisers


What is the project?

Maths, Art & Craft, PSD – To produce display of targets.

Key objectives/outcomes

To be able to demonstrate stage-by-stage the completion of 3D shapes using nets.

Actions taken

Problem solve/ assess 3D nets in Maths by incorporating an Art & Craft demonstration by the teacher/pupils/ evaluate/ assess.

Evidence of success

Excellent! Easy to be seen by all and helped poorer pupils. Pupil feedback – “Could you please leave it on so we can see the nets?” “Can we have the examples up on the visualiser again to help me see the stages?”


  • Aided understanding.
  • Speeds up lessons.
  • Inspires children more.

The future

Continuation of daily use of my visualiser and continuing to develop my skills and the childrens’ in its use. Every classroom should have one – a real asset! I could not be without it now.

Morag Wallace