Back to School

Back to School

The ol’ 6 weeks holidays are almost over and the dawn of the new school year is nigh. How memorable were the summer holidays when we were all at school, eh? Meeting up with friends to play football from 10 in the morning to 10 at night, playing games from sunrise to sunset, or even having a summer job delivering newspapers or picking strawberries during the July and August months… those were the days…

Well, the new school term is almost here, so let’s all get ready for September 2015! let’s all get ready to go back to school.

Just like the football transfer window, this is around the time teachers will find new posts in different schools, and be able to bring their teaching methods from one school to another. This is great to encourage a shared teaching style across different establishments.

Talking about different teaching styles and pedagogy; this is also the time schools would be able to play with the new equipment and ICT technology that has been installed over the summer period. Exciting times indeed.

In 2015 and all over the UK, we have found many schools have had their new and old classrooms kitted out with interactive touch screens in replace of the older whiteboards and projectors. Gone are the days of changing projector lamps, standing in front of the projected image to create shadows on the boards and closing the curtains (or blinds) to see a better image. The touch screens have full HD quality viewing with full interactivity and a life span of at least 50,000 hours.  Students will return to school seeing their classrooms have been converted into a classroom of the future.

As we all know, a new start for students can be a scary place. A place of the unknown. There would be a mixed bag of emotions; fear, anxiety and excitement. New friends are made, bonds are formed, aspirations are explored… the only thing missing would be a wizard’s sorting hat to tell them which class they will be a part of….

At Interactive Education, we wish all teachers and students have enjoyed their summer holidays as we all anticipate to hit the ground running in the new academic year. It is almost time to say goodbye to the sun and hello to a new and fresh start.