Environmental policy



As a conscientious ICT supplier we are dedicated to doing our bit to significantly reduce environmental waste. We understand that there is an environmental impact in our day to day activities presenting us with ample opportunities to cut energy use, use renewable technologies and the correct disposal of products so as to avoid unacceptable effects on the environment.

Take responsibility
At Interactive Education all staff members contribute hugely to reducing waste by re-using and recycling at every available opportunity. We aim to develop objectives that target environmental improvements and monitor performance by regular review. All environmental issues are always taken into consideration in any decision making process. Our relationship with suppliers and contractors is such that we all recognize our environmental responsibilities.

The communities in which we operate
The Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a trusted neighbour.

As a business we are aware that travel is a major part of business life so we try to do everything we can to cut emissions. One way in which we have done this is by taking advantage of video-conferencing to perform product demonstrations and training to reduce face-to-face meetings.

Our Products
We believe that ICT is an integral part of innovative and engaging teaching. So we are committed to providing our customers with cost effective ICT with low noise levels that use less energy. Our Visualisers give users the option to replace the photo-copier by allowing work to be saved on the Visualiser and then displayed on our Interactive Screens instantly for all to see, reducing the need to distribute endless print-outs.

“Using the Genee Vision visualiser does have implications in terms of resources within the school. It means that we have to buy fewer copies of things; we are certainly an eco school in most areas of the school so this ties in very neatly with that and it means that, for example; a member of staff doesn’t have to enlarge a small worksheet to an A3 copy to show to a group. It can be put straight onto a visualiser so it side steps that additional use of resources that would generally be binned after the lesson cutting down on waste.”